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Get Your Video Trending on YouTube

The YouTube gods are hard to please. If you get on their good side, they’ll make sure people see your videos. But if you’re not working some SEO magic, your videos will get lost in the swarms of other videos being uploaded.

After all, over 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. In the chaos of video content being created, how will your videos stand out to the people that matter?

Let’s say you’ve crafted the perfect video.

It’s the right style to appeal to your audience, plus it’s full of excellent content that will keep them watching right to the end. The call to action at the end is inspirational, and it links to your website so that you can drive more business.

But, what happens when you upload it?

If you’ve gone through the process of uploading videos to YouTube, you know there’s a lot more involved than just “making it public” and hoping for the best. The first time you upload a video, you probably agonized over finding the right keywords and writing a captivating headline.

You struggled to edit your video thumbnails and spent far too long looking for the “perfect” tags.  You’ve probably even wondered, “Do these tags do anything?”

By the time you made it to the video description, you were probably about ready to give up. After dealing with that whole process, it may have seemed easier just to upload your next few videos without spending so much time on the optimization.

The Problem With YouTube Video Optimization

Video optimization is time-consuming. But without optimization, your videos will never get seen.

If you’ve ever uploaded videos without optimizing them, you know exactly what I mean. After all the effort you put into creating and editing these videos, they’re nearly impossible to find by searching for your keywords.

You may have to scroll through pages of search results to find them.

YouTube results are similar to Google results in that, if your videos don’t appear on the first page, it’s unlikely that anyone will find them. But if they are optimized correctly your videos can rank #1 on YouTube for keywords your customers are searching for.

That means your target audience will have no choice but to watch your videos, fall in love with your brand, and earn you the ROI you were dreaming of when you started your YouTube channel.

For this to happen, though, you need to know how to please the YouTube algorithm. That’s where we come in.

We’ve Learned the Secret to Ethically Hacking YouTube

Our YouTube SEO services are exactly what you need to get your videos in front of your target audience.

We’ve spent years perfecting our process, and we’ve used our expertise to help major brands become YouTube sensations.